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CHiller/HVAC Technician 채용합니다.

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반도체생산라인에 투입되는 반도체 설비  Chiller 를 기술지원할  technician 을 찾습니다. HVAC 경험 1년정도면 가능하며, 제품교육을 기업에서 제공합니다.

타주에 거주자 경우 이주비용도 지원하니 많은 지원바랍니다.


이력서를 haxoriii@hotmail.com 으로 보내주시기 바랍니다.

Robert Kim, HR Manager


Job Title:
Chiller Equipment Technician


Job Summary
The Chiller Technician is responsible for overseeing a variety of different temperature control units (TCU) at their assigned customer sites

Duties and responsibilities:
- Performs routine maintenance and repair on cryogenic, thermoelectric, and compressor-type chillers and heat exchangers.
- Performs daily, weekly and monthly inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair on chillers.
- Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues on assigned equipment
- Maintains equipment logs for assigned systems
- Read and understand P&ID
- Hands-on mechanic work on occasion.
- Installing new equipment when needed
- Follows all safety standards
- Maintain a clean and organized work environment
- Generate periodic reports in Korean for the headquarter.

Basic Qualifications:
- Minimum High school diploma or GED certificate
- Associate’s degree in refrigeration technology or a related field is a plus
- Ability to read, analyze and interpret English & Korean written documents
- Ability to interpret technical charts and drawings
- Strong skill and knowledge in Chiller/Heat exchanger systems and controls
- 1-3 year experience as a technician preferably in a semiconductor industry
- Comply with all applicable codes, regulations, governmental agency, and Company directives related to operations and work safety
- Well-versed in technical aspects of field projects, including machinery and equipment.
- Communication skills are essential to clearly convey information to customers and coworkers.
- Universal EPA refrigerant certification is a plus
- HVAC certification is a plus
- Bilingual (Korean and English Fluency needed)

Exact compensation may vary based on skills, experience, and location.

Salaray range:  $50K~$70K/yr (depending on experience level), actual compensation can vary.

- Medical insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Vision insurance
- 401(k)
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